A&J Studios Animation Showcase

Educational Animation

MOHAI Chinook Jargon Game

MOHAI Industry Game

Answer Man

The Moron Test

Dialogue Lesson

Word Jumble Game

Results Cat

Desktop Game Animation

Commando Game

Curious George

Max and Ruby

Tazmanian Devil

Good Luck Charlie


Go Diego Go!

Bugs Bunny

Team Umizoomi

Mobile Game Animation

Dora The Explorer

Paw Patrol


Peter Rabbit

Bubble Guppies

Broadcast Animation

Loukoumi And The Schoolyard Bully

Frankie And The Canary

Squidward's Birthday Message

Good Boys and Bad Boys

Hopper Saves The Trees

Musical Theater Stage Animation

Avenue Q Opening

Avenue Q Purpose

Avenue Q Vortex

Avenue Q Commitment

Webisode Animation

Gotham Girls: Wax Museum

Gotham Girls: Chess Game

Gotham Girls: Kitty Sitter



Trix Yogurt Berry Flavors

Trix Yogurt School Dance

Lucky Charms Secret Flavor

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Power

Cocoa Puffs Karate

Cocoa Puffs Yard Sale